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Detailed textures and vivid presence

Hiromichi FurukawaJewelry designer

The first time I had the SIGMA DP2x in my hands was around 2011. It is my main camera now, together with the lovely SIGMA dp2 Quattro I picked up three years ago.

When I used the camera for the first time, I was shocked how detailed and vivid the photographs turned out in spite of the small size of body and lens. The camera’s ability to even capture the subtle moods of places without sacrificing portability amazes me.

I mainly photograph landscapes or – my great hobby – during fishing trips. I always carry a camera in either my pocket or bag, and whenever I feel that my mobile phone will not suffice for certain lighting conditions or moods, I take it out and shoot away.

To me, their products speak of SIGMA’s attitude to create exactly what they want to create rather than to follow the market.

Hiromichi Furukawa

Jewelry designer

Born in 1975. After studying fashion in France, Furukawa founded the jewelry brand AVM in Japan. Following the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake, Furukawa moved to Nemuro City in Hokkaido. In addition to jewelry, he is also involved in city planning. Furukawa represents the companies AVM DESIGN ROOM and VOSTOK.

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