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Forgotten feelings, perfectly captured somewhere between the light

Hiroyuki Azumagraphic designer

I was about 21 when I bought my first SIGMA camera in 2012. The SIGMA DP2x, which I have had my eyes on, was not available for purchase in Canada at the time – I actually had it shipped all the way from Japan. Nowadays I am using a SIGMA DP2 Merrill for my photography.

What I love about the DP series is that it manages to deliver a very sharp image quality within the body of a compact camera. I still use it for my snapshot photography today. It has a unique way of rendering light that I find almost shocking. At any rate, it has changed the way I approach my photography.
I worked for a local magazine in Toronto and used the DP2x to shoot snapshots between assignments. Looking back at the images now, I feel the emotions of that time well up in me again.
There is not much more you can ask of a camera than that it captures, together with the rays of light, your precise feelings at that moment. Further, thanks to the easy-to-use interface and its QS (Quick Set) feature, the DP series is a perfect fit for snapshot photography.

I find SIGMA very appealing as a brand because they develop products with a certain SIGMA-like originality. I also simply enjoy the design of the products themselves. Since the renewal of the lens line-up, SIGMA’s lens barrel designs are my favorite among all camera manufacturers.

Hiroyuki Azuma

graphic designer

Born in 1990, Hiroyuki Azuma grew up in China and Japan before moving to Toronto, Canada, to work as a professional photographer.
He currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, and works as a graphic designer in the fashion and advertising industry.

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