director: Yu Yamanaka


Dad wasn’t exactly stylish, and neither were the photographs he took—at least on the surface. But what truth did they conceal?
SIGMA’s first short film,“blur” brings to the screen messages that SIGMA has held as important since the company’s foundation: when people are moved, people are inspired to take photographs. And every photograph, just like every life, is amazing.
(Released in 2016)

Yu Yamanaka

Filmmaker / Director

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1976. Founded BLUE DOCUMENTARY in 2010. Works include ‘Paper Garment’ for the ‘Miyake Issey Exhibition’, ‘Tema Hima (The Art of Living in Tohoku)’ for the ‘Tema Hima Exhibition’, NHK taiga drama ‘Yae no Sakura’ (Creators Part), Sony Aquarium short film ‘Teori wo Naru Tori’.

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