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DP1 Merrill—A rare camera that evokes another era

Václav TvarůžkaArtist

Watch out, this is not some linguistic trick. I am not interested in everyday mundane things. However, what really excite me in the end… are pictures of everyday objects. Look at the images I’ve chosen – there is a floor, a dead rabbit, a birdhouse, a tree, a door, a flat tire… The common fact is that these objects are in a way destroyed or broken but it’s more complicated than that. I appreciate the humour in photography. Specifically, I like comedy, absurdity and nonsense. But the perception of these things changes over time. Especially in the age of social media, when everyone appropriates irony and absurdity as a rule. I can say that I have nothing against it, and play it with saying something like “I am human too“ but I don’t. I am not trying to induce laughter or plain attention. I like the silence of the images.

Also, I want to say that I come from a background of “documentary photography“ but I am relentlessly trying to find some new approaches to this genre, so this kind of art won’t be just another form of… – a form of what? – I guess without any deeper layer such photographs are simply a design. Do I also have something against design? It’s tricky. I am not even sure if the reason I bought a SIGMA compact camera was because of its design. I remember reading about it on the internet. People were saying that it feels like a brick. But it’s a dope brick… because of the colours it can reproduce. And the amount of detail you can achieve with this small camera? How could you dislike that? Altogether it’s a great tool and I wonder why there are not many people is using it. Nevertheless, there is this strange thing with the battery… Somehow when I now am trying to put these feelings into the words, an old story I once read about a Parisian photographer from the ‘20s pops out. I won’t tell of it now because it is too long. Rather, I will just simply state that using this camera feels like a tool from a different era (maybe future?), which is a rare quality.

Václav Tvarůžka


I live in Prague, Czech republic. I was born in 1986. I have a Master degree from Photography. I work as a tour driver for touring bands mainly within Europe. I also have a band – I play the drums. I can also play the guitar. I can’t sing but I like trying it. Besides taking pictures I was once interested in making zines so I made a few of them.

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