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  • Scenery

    vol.1 - 22
    Sights, scenes and views captured by photographers throughout the world using SIGMA gear
  • Voice

    vol.1 - 24
    About SIGMA’s design philosophy and manufacturing approach based on continuous innovation
  • Made in Aizu

    vol.1 - 10
    Stories from the people manufacturing SIGMA’s high-quality gear at our factory in Aizu
  • Ohsone’s Anecdotes

    vol.1 - 10
    SIGMA engineer Yasuhiro Ohsone tells the backstories of our cameras and lenses
  • + SIGMA

    vol.1 - 13
    SIGMA in unexpected places, SIGMA in unexpected hands ―Introducing interesting people and projects with an unexpected connection to SIGMA’s products or history
  • S’neighbors

    vol.1 - 24
    A photography series introducing a diversity of photographs and shooting styles, dedicated to everyone who enjoys photography with SIGMA.
  • The Essentials

    vol.1 - 17
    A column about everyday observations and things that matter, written by SIGMA president Kazuto Yamaki
  • From Curator

    vol.1 - 17
    Photographers, photobooks, exhibitions and events that deserve attention, curated by Benrido Atelier director Taka Kawachi.
  • Ways of Seeing

    vol.1 - 15
    A column exploring different ways of looking at photographs, written by photography critic Mika Kobayashi.

    vol.1 - 11
    New horizons, fresh ideas ̶ deeper interviews with thinkers and artists from various fields.

    vol.1 - 8
    Elements that represent the essence of our Aizu factory’s craftsmanship.

    vol.1 - 8
    Introducing the products and technologies that became a turning point in SIGMA’s continuous development of the perfect camera gear.