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Uniquely impressive, atmospheric images thanks to SIGMA’s Foveon sensor

Tal DananSoftware developer

Although I have been using SIGMA lenses for many years, the first time I actually used a camera by SIGMA was in 2015. A colleague lent me his SIGMA DP2 Merrill and told me that “it’s brilliant for landscape photographs.” My own setup consisted of a high-end mirrorless camera with very expensive lenses; one day, after I had taken a few initial photos with my usual gear, I decided to try out the Merrill on a whim. When I saw the photos taken with it, I was shocked—how could a camera with such a small body and sensor produce such photos? The dynamic range, the colors, the level of detail—in every way, the photos I had taken with the Merrill surpassed what I got from the camera system I had been using until then. I immediately bought myself the dp2 Quattro and have been using it ever since.

I don’t want a long list of half-baked features from a camera—I want a camera to do something exceptionally well. In this regard, SIGMA is a shining beacon in the camera market. Their products somehow focus exactly on the most important and essential features. I’m also a huge fan of the Foveon sensor. I think the balance between size and image quality (thanks to the Foveon sensor) offered by the dp2 Quattro is truly exceptional. I take most of my photographs while travelling, so compact, modest gear that does not force me to compromise on quality is very important to me.

I find myself shooting mostly landscapes and street photographs, both genres that the Foveon sensor portrays in uniquely impressive, atmospheric images. If I’m honest, I think that might be the main reason I am so fascinated with SIGMA’s cameras.

What I like about SIGMA as a company is that they understand their own strengths and develop products for their very own, inimitable segment. I’m also very excited about the future of the Foveon sensor. Right now, I am most excited about the upcoming Foveon-equipped full-frame mirrorless camera.

Tal Danan

Software developer

Born in New York in 1981. After studying graphic design at university, Tal worked as a fashion designer for several years before moving into digital design and software development. At present, Tal lives in Portland, OR, and works as a software developer for sportswear brand NIKE.

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