photographer: Mina Daimon

camera: SIGMA DP3 Merrill / SIGMA dp3 Quattro


Mina Daimon


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Mina Daimon began working as a photographer in 2011. She has collaborated with numerous fashion brands (e.g. MUJI) in her professional career. Using a SIGMA dp3 Quattro camera, she has created a large amount of photographic works. Her photobook exhibitions include “Portugal” (Ricoh Photo Gallery Ring Cube) and “The Miniature Garden” (72 Gallery); she has published the photobooks “Al-Andalus” (Ooka Publishing), “Hama” (Akaaka) and more.
Mina Daimon received an Honorable Mention at the 2017 International Photography Awards. Her works have previously been introduced in SEIN Magazine, the SIGMA dp Photo Gallery and more.

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