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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a process without which manufacturing parts for cameras and lenses would be simply impossible. Plastic pellets are heated in a cylinder and forced into a mold where the plastic cools and solidifies. A large variety of different plastic parts can be created in this way. With a precision down to a thousandth of a millimeter, the plastic injection molding marks the height of the production technology at our Aizu factory, where we also produce the jigs, tools and molds used for our products.

photo : Mizuho Tamaru

SIGMA Aizu factory, Plastic Forming Division, Manager
Hiroshi Shirai

Since the plastic parts produced at our plastic molding division are easily affected by changes in air temperature and humidity, daily maintenance is of utmost importance. This is particularly true in a location like Aizu, where each season of the year brings a significant change in temperature and humidity. For us at the plastic molding division, producing parts exactly to design is imperative, yet we also need to produce with a certain speediness. At our Aizu factory, the distance between the manufacturing floor and the designers’ work space is quite small, and I think this becomes a great advantage both for the quality of our products and the daily working conditions.

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