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Jigs and tools

As the instruments that fixate and hold together components and machinery during manufacturing and assembly processes, the jigs and tools without which high efficiency and precision would be unattainable really are the life and soul of a factory.
At SIGMA, almost all jigs used in the manufacture of many of our products, including those for assembly, prototyping, adjusting and inspections, are designed and created at our Aizu factory. This approach ensures our high level of quality and is one of the strengths of a vertically integrated manufacturing structure.

photo : Mizuho Tamaru

SIGMA Aizu factory, Prototype and Tool Processing Division, Manager
Tadashi Kitamura

Jigs are required in every process in the factory. That is why the design and manufacturing of the jigs themselves cover a very important task. For example, in arranging the structure of a group of lenses, there is a difference, depending on the product, in how many ways it can be assembled together. This means that jigs have to correspond to these differences every time. Also, subtle adjustments are required in the process depending on whether the material is made from metal or resin. I have spent over 30 years working here but I am still learning to this day. I feel the need for this experience and knowledge I have cultivated to be passed down to the engineers and technicians of the future.

Top image: Assembly jig
Bottom image: Adjustment jig (foreground)

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