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Shoot and compare:
“High resolution triumphs all”

Hideo IshijimaGallerist, Photographer, Video producer

I was around 20 years old when I began to photograph with an actual SLR camera. I wasn’t exactly swimming in money at the time, so I bought and kept shooting with two cheap zoom lenses renowned for their great images.

The first time I used a SIGMA camera was in 2011, when I bought a SIGMA DP2x. I had been using cameras from different manufacturers until then and had intended to keep the SIGMA as a substitute camera. But when I actually compared my cameras and the photos they produce with each other, I was shocked at the resolution of the DP2x.
I still try out promising new cameras by other brands now and then but compared to SIGMA the images they produce just look somewhat flat. In my photography I mostly focus on natural landscapes—few moving objects, in other words—and simply end up using the Foveon in most situations. I’m also photographing Tokyo’s scenery as seen from my home, as a kind of fixed-point observational series.

It seems that SIGMA manages to create products that embody the convictions and beliefs of CEO Kazuto Yamaki. There’s one particular expression by Mr. Yamaki that has left a huge impression on me: “High resolution triumphs all.” I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.
As a supervisor of the photography-focused Island Gallery in Tokyo, I want each of the photographers exhibiting with us to show their works in the highest possible quality. And so, without exception, I end up recommending everyone to start shooting with SIGMA cameras. (laughs)

Hideo Ishijima

Gallerist, Photographer, Video producer

Born in Yokohama in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. As a supervisor of the Tokyo-based “Island Gallery”, Ishijima has been supporting and advising photographers since 2010. He is a member and music producer of the music group TINGARA. Ishijima’s professional endeavors also include creating movie soundtracks, videos, and brand commercials.
For a list of Hideo Ishijima’s favorite camera gear please click here: http://hideochan.com/profile

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