[ A photo file for the people who enjoy photography with SIGMA. ]

A Pure Passionate Love of Photography

Yutaka TsudaPlanning Director

My choice of lens has been the SIGMA 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM / EX DC for the past 10 years. It captures the world as I see it at its most pure and natural. I love the DP2 Merrill as well, but when I first used the 30mm, I was surprised by the fine picture that was captured and at the same time, I also felt new “compelling” possibilities. SIGMA is “aloof”, but in a good way. They are like a photography lover who develops their products because of their love of photography. The Merrill and Quattro cameras are a representation of that and other developers would have to go through the process of getting approval first before wanting to develop something (laughs). I love that unique, excessive, kind of insane no-holds-barred attitude that can be felt with SIGMA.

Yutaka Tsuda

Planning Director

Has been involved in the advertising and branding of numerous companies as a planning director for an advertising agency. Leader of the band ‘Tenmetsu’ as well as active as a photographer.

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