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To Have a Little Time on My Side.

Ryuta ModekiArt Director

What I cherish is my SIGMA DP1 Merrill that I started using the moment it came out. Above all, I remember my heart being gripped as I tried to get the image I wanted. Before I got my hands on it, I imagined I would be limited in the kind of scenery I could use it for, and I was proven right (laughs). It is not for the desire to record something or the desire to seek something out. I use it at times where I want to feel natural, without any weight upon my shoulders. Though normally I carry with me 2 or 3 cameras, when a face or gesture moves me, my hand moves toward a regular SLR or iPhone. When I am moved by the beauty of light and shadow, then I reach for my SIGMA. This is how I make the distinction between what camera I use. With the action of taking an image and photography becoming increasingly routine and resembling more like an assembly line, I feel a SIGMA camera leaves behind a value that is unlike anything else.

Ryuta Modeki

Art Director

Graduated from Nihon University College of Art. Worked for a design company before establishing design studio TWOTONE INC. Handles the art direction and image planning production of interactive contents for large corporations.

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