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Liberty From a Single Lens.

Kazue OhdairaEssayist

I have long been an admirer of SIGMA the manufacturer, but the first time I actually started using their cameras was 2 years ago. The SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art and the SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO HSM | Contemporary are the lenses I cherish the most. The first time I tried out a SIGMA lens, I was surprised by the freedom I had at my disposal from just a single lens as I was of the thinking that a lens had to be changed and replaced as often as possible. Also for someone like me who is not used to an SLR, it was easy for me to use and it made photographing more enjoyable. As I am serializing for ‘Tokyo no Daidokoro’ (Kitchens of Tokyo), I am focused on taking images of everything in a kitchen from equipment to ingredients. This is where SIGMA comes into play. Even for an outsider like me, it clearly shows the image I want to get. My SIGMA is the partner I rely on.

Kazue Ohdaira


Born in 1964. Writer on the theme of the effect, issues and viewpoints from a mass-production and amass-consumption society. New publication is ‘Kami-sama no Hanashi’ (Seibundo-shinkosha). ‘Tokyo no Daidokoro (Kitchens of Tokyo)’ (photography/words) is serialized in Asahi Shimbun Digital & w (http://www.asahi,com/and_w/). Last year compiled into a book published by Heibonsha.

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