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The Outstanding Beauty of the Stars throughout the frame.

James ShimojiSongwriter / Music Producer

Having been attracted to the outstanding resolution of the Art line series and illuminance achieved with the F1.4, I now mostly use the SIGMA 24mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art as well as their 35mm and 50mm equivalents. Bulb photography is essential for astronomy photography where long periods of time are spent outdoors. Though a comparatively fast and bright lens is desirable, no matter how bright the stars are, if they do not come out rounded then the image cannot be used. It is with this point that as well as the illuminance that comes with an F1.4, if you step down a notch, it wonderfully captures the stars as far as the eye can see something that other lens’ manufacturers cannot obtain. Also the blue in RGB is captured wonderfully which give the images a great sense of transparency. Personally I want to see the release of an 85mm from Art line soon. Also, if they make a dedicated interchangeable monochrome camera, it is something welcoming not only for monochrome fans of course, but also astronomy photography fans too.

James Shimoji

Songwriter / Music Producer

Songwriter and music producer. Graduated from the broadcasting department of Nihon University College of Art. Has been involved in creating music for commercials since his time at university. Known for commercials for ‘RECRUIT from A to Z Kaakin Ondo’, The movie ‘LUPIN THE IIIRD Jigen Daisuke no Bohyo’ etc.

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