Introducing the world’s first ‘glass ceramic’ protection filter.

For any photography enthusiast, the filter is an important asset to allow the lens to be cherished for a long time. SIGMA has taken the leap and developed a protection filter with a revolutionary new material, created by a lens manufacturer that draws on the cooperative framework and trust of a partner, a unique point of view and rich know-how that embodies a ‘true protector’.

Photo : The ‘SIGMA WR CERAMIC PROTECTOR’ was developed with the aim of bringing ‘the ultimate filter’ today.

For any photography enthusiast, a filter is an important asset to prolong the life of one’s cherished lenses. SIGMA has taken the leap and developed a protection filter with a revolutionary new material. A true protective filter, created in a cooperative relationship between a skilled materials maker and an experienced lens manufacturer.

The most important part of a camera required to create great photos is the (interchangeable) lens. It is the key device; the most cherished element of any camera setup. As lens manufacturers, we asked ourselves what we can do to further support each customer with their favorite lens system – a system that took time, experience and money to build. SIGMA decided to develop and manufacture a lens filter that meets our high standards.

The SIGMA WR CERAMIC PROTECTOR employs the world’s first ‘Clear Glass Ceramic’ (CGC). CGC is a material normally found in the aviation and space industry, made with ‘glass ceramic’ whose optical transmittance was improved until it could be used in optical instruments. It is the ideal material for protective filters, as it guarantees perfect optical performance while providing outstanding strength and reliability.

Compared to the chemically strengthened glass in standard high-strength protective filters, where chemical treatment only strengthens the surface of the glass, the precipitated spinel crystals within the glass of clear glass ceramic, applied by way of a special process, evenly strengthens the material down to its core. With a hardness that exceeds that of the chemically strengthened glass that people generally familiar with, and greater flexibility than sapphire glass, it is the world’s first material of its kind that has the qualities ideal for a protective filter.

Further, the clear glass ceramic is capable of preventing cracks from spreading. Even if the glass were to crack, the strong protective capabilities and the shock-resistance of the lens come into play and prevent the glass from fragmenting or scattering. The filter is able to protect your lens in any situation and condition.

SIGMA’s wealth of manufacturing experience and knowledge is truly alive in the development of this lens protector, beginning with the decision to quickly adopt the revolutionary new material developed in cooperation with the manufacturer of the material. We addressed all possible concerns during the development process, from the first steps during the planning period to carefully scrutinizing the filter’s impact on the image, until we were fully satisfied as a lens manufacturer.
We are very confident that our pursuit of the best possible optical performance has led us to set a new standard with the creation of this ‘true’ protection filter.

Clear Glass Ceramic (top photo) combines a stronger hardness than found in conventional chemically strengthened glass with a greater flexibility offered by sapphire glass. Its inability to crack and break makes it the ideal material for a protective filter.
The bottom photo show shows a conventional filter with chemically strengthened glass.
With conventional chemically strengthened glass, only the outer surface is strengthened through chemical treatment (left image).
With 'Clear Glass Ceramic', the glass is heated through a special process where spinel crystals are precipitated into the glass to strengthen the glass evenly to its core (right image).

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