SEIN is now SEIN Online


Dear readers,

SEIN, our quarterly magazine started in 2014, will now be available as an online magazine.

First of all, we would like to thank all the readers who have shown interest in the printed editions of SEIN. SEIN was our first experience publishing media. When we started, we were completely in the dark, and we were worried if it would find any interest at all with our customers. We were able to grow and develop thanks to the feedback – both critical and encouraging – of our readers. We are very thankful for that.

Shortly after the magazine started, we were met with strong demands to expand the magazine’s reach beyond Japan’s borders. In the end, we decided to accomodate this wish by re-launching SEIN as an online magazine.
With this new web version, we strive to create an even richer variety of articles. For our customers in Japan, we will continue a printed version of our magazine in the form of a yearly booklet.

Well, after an editorial meeting, we decided that the “Essentials” corner, which – in contrast to the rather tough rest of SEIN’s content – used to be a rather casual offering, will continue after our jump to the web version. You won’t find much here besides light-hearted chitchat, but if you are looking for a palate cleanser after reading some of the heftier articles, then we heartily recommend you take a look around.

For the future of SEIN Online, we plan to make use of the freedom a web magazine offers. This means more stories with more detail than before, delivered in a more timely fashion.We would be very happy to greet you again on these pages.

(text / Kazuto Yamaki CEO of SIGMA)

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